Saturday, February 13, 2010

Aphorisms & c. (8)

The terrorist seeks to say “no” to History. Nothing more.

The market is a terrorist of necessity. All made new.

We are the creatures who wonder about “more.” It is around us, always.

A conversation you will never hear: “We have developed a new technology.” “Really? For God’s sake, keep it away!”

20 years ago I could read Pascal like a contemporary. Now I read him as if he is as remote as a classical Hindu. We have stepped into a new world.

Consider yourself to be among the dammed, and you assure yourself that the world was more than chaos.

Man is man and God is God. So all man’s logic must end in lunacy.

God is God, and not man. All God’s logic is comprehensive and infinite, and thus incomprehensible to man. Yet we would kill, based on our understanding of his logic.

Certainty is the greatest affectation.

We bask in the tyranny of the click, television channel and website, to concentrate away from the invisible worlds around us. Abandon fear, the information is at hand.

Embrace fear – it is information that your life may be about to change.

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Kathleen said...

These move and frighten me. So I feel connected and alive. Thank you.

I keep writing poems about the invisible.