Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aphorisms & c. (2)

The only truth is vulnerability, with its permission to feel.

Love and forgiveness promise the world will be sensible. Hatred is dissonance. Which is true, since we know that Nature wants both complexity and chaos?

We must accommodate our tragedies.

How grateful I am for The Method! Technology has so fully embraced and controlled the visible world – now with the force of a global mind of fiber and light. Hail software!
But software is a series of propositions about how the world might be arranged, this step following the one before, in preparation for the next. The force driving our visible world today is itself invisible, a series of propositions.

We want love the way we want to be loved – eternally, entirely, transcendent. That is, inhumanly.

Our mania for speed is a relic of the machine age. Now we hunger for presence – to be everywhere, to touch everyone.

Money is invisible. Technology is invisible. Language, software, intention, connection -- invisible.

Play is visible. Delight is visible.

The visible and the invisible have changed places.

Our lust for the visible world may destroy it.

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