Sunday, January 31, 2010

Aphorisms & c. (4)

We say “I had a dream last night.” But the day begins with the dream. We say that to force it into the past.

People become fearful of really feeling their strength, their passions, their creativity and their loneliness. So they make gestures towards them, as if that is enough. Would we still be afraid of feeling them, if we knew that they would neither destroy us, or go away?

The Traveler: Yes, people are caught up in their nearly infinite lives. They are not paying attention to my narcissism.

The problem with the world is our response to it.

Grief is joy – proof of feeling.

Science posits we are in The Multiverse: An infinite number of universes, each like a bubble in an infinitely large, infinitely shook up, bottle of champagne. There is a world exactly like this one, then, where you have made other choices. For anything, though, you would still be here.

“If you do not assume compassion, they will win.”

There is one way to Infinity.

“Even a single sub-atomic particle interferes with itself.” -Paul Dirac

The kids on the street in black, bonding with each other over the world’s hypocrisy – to be young and depressed again!

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Paolo said...

As Stephen Hawking (and other scientists) have pointed out, the past, present and future are all running in parallel. As we have discovered, you can literally “step out of time, visit the past (and transform it when necessary) and visit the future (and bring the information from that dimension into the present).